Hi Church!


These certainly are unique times. The current COVID-19 crisis, and especially the recent announcement restricting gatherings of over 100 people, has meant that we need to change how we do church. We want to assure you, church is not cancelled, it’s just going to look a little different. The good news is, God is not confined to our normal way of doing church and wherever we are, He is still with us.


We may not have seen this coming, but God did and He is still in control. When the church was persecuted in Acts, the church simply did church a little differently and it continued to grow, despite the circumstances. Although God did not create the persecution, He used it for his glory. In the same way, God did not create this health crisis to punish people, but He can use it for his glory! 


Going forward, we have an opportunity to try something brand new – Church Online. Our online services will have all of the same great content that our usual services have – worship, announcements, good stories and preaching. However, the one thing we can’t replicate online is the fellowship we get when we meet together. In light of this, our plan is to have one church in many locations across our region by having ‘Church at Home’, just like the early church did. 


‘Church at Home’ will look similar to Life Groups, except people will meet together on a Sunday morning at the normal service time to watch our online service together. This will provide an opportunity for us to have fellowship, and to pray for and support one another. The details and locations for ‘Church at Home’ are not yet available, but we hope they will be ready next week. 


For this weekend, we invite you to join us for church online by going to on any smart device – phones, tablets, laptops, tvs. We will have a kids service streaming at 9:15am and church services at 10:00am and 7:00pm. Like normal, we encourage you, don’t do church alone. If you can, invite your Life Group or a friend from church over and watch an online service together. If you are unable to have others over, you will be able to chat with our friendly service hosts online.


Moving forward, our team will strategise about how and where we can meet as a whole church, while continuing to protect people and keep in line with new government regulations. However, for this Sunday, church will be online only. This may change in weeks to come, but for this week, we are meeting in homes as the church has always done. We hope you join us!


4/2 Gilbert Court, Boyne Island, QLD, 4680