Dear Church, 


MyCity Church is deeply committed to the wellbeing of the people that are part of our church community. We approach matters pertaining to this with great faith and diligence. We are very aware that the recent attention around COVID-19 ('Coronavirus') is of concern to people, especially to those whose health status brings greater vulnerability.

As a church we have and always will approach matters of life with great faith, however we are also committed to exercising due diligence, as well as honouring the recommendations and laws passed by our Government.


In response to the current COVID-19 crisis, the Government has banned all churches from gathering in person – this means, for the time being, we will not be holding any services at our physical location. However, we want to assure you, church is not cancelled – it’s just going to look a little different.


The good news is, God is not confined to our normal way of doing church and wherever we are, He is still with us. We may not have seen this coming, but God did and He is still in control. When the church was persecuted in Acts, the church simply did church a little differently and it continued to grow, despite the circumstances. Although God did not create the persecution, He used it for his glory. In the same way, God did not create this health crisis to punish people, but He can use it for his glory! 


Going forward, we have an opportunity to try something brand new – Church Online. Our online services will have all of the same great content that our usual services have – worship, announcements, good stories and preaching. This weekend, we invite you to join us for Church Online by going to on any smart device – phones, tablets, laptops and tvs. We will have church services streaming live at 10:00am and 7:00pm, a kids service at 9:15am and a youth service at 5:00pm. Make sure you drop a 'hello' in the chat box and let us know you're there – we have a team of hosts that would love to chat and pray with you!


Distanced, but not disconnected.

In a time of self-isolation and social-distancing, it's easy to feel lonely. So we want to encourage you to connect with our church community as much as you can. Check-in with your Life Group. Send a text, make a phone call, Facetime a friend, or meet up in person if it's safe to do so! Together, we can make sure that our whole church family is cared for and no one is forgotten!


You can also join our Church Online Community on Facebook, this will have daily devotions from one of our staff members and weekly opportunities to worship and pray together as a church family.

Lastly, if you need anything, don't be a stranger – reach out! Send the church a message on social media, or get in touch via email. We'll do our best to help out however we can!

Join us in prayer.


We remain hopeful that this current matter will be short lived. We are people of faith who live our lives trusting in the Lord and His provision and protection: "blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him." – Jeremiah 17:7 

Please join us in praying for our nation, that this outbreak will be resolved quickly and the impacts both social and economic, would be minimal. 

Pastors Anthony & Jess


4/2 Gilbert Court, Boyne Island, QLD, 4680