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Child Safety & Wellbeing

Our Commitment

At MyCity, we are committed to the safety and wellbeing of children and the protection of children from harm. We follow the example of Jesus and believe that children and young people are gifts from God and should be highly valued and given every opportunity to flourish in their well-being and growth (Matthew 19:14). We therefore prioritise the protection and safety of children and young people in our care.

At MyCity, we believe that no harm should ever come to any child or young person, especially those who attend our programs, and we will work hard to ensure our policies, planning, conduct and practices are best practice in child protection. Should there ever be any concern about a child or young person being at risk of harm, we will facilitate their access to the highest level of protection via reporting to legal authorities, and the provision of pastoral care and/or referral to support services within legal limits.

At MyCity, we follow all legislative requirements related to child protection and we have an ongoing commitment to the Royal Commission’s 10 Child Safe Standards. We will continually aim to improve in each of the Child Safe Standard Areas.

Staff & Volunteers

  • All staff and volunteers at MyCity are approved through state based government Working with Children Checks.

  • All staff and volunteers complete regular training and refresher courses related to code of conduct, as part of our ongoing commitment to creating safe, child-friendly environments.

Kids & Youth Programs

  • To ensure your child’s safety, our MyCity Kids & Youth teams facilitate electronic sign-in and sign-out for all children.

  • Risk assessments are completed weekly for all ministry programs.

  • No unauthorised adults are permitted into our Kids or Youth programs.

Responding to Concerns

  • MyCity is committed to a caring, safeguarding and appropriate response, should any suspicion, allegation, disclosure, or complaint of harm or abuse of a child or young person occur. We respond according to legislative requirements and ensure our team are trained in the appropriate management of child safety concerns. This may include working with the Australian Christian Church Safer Churches team according to our Child Protection Policy.

  • If you have a concern, please talk to the ministry coordinator or our lead pastors.

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