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Welcome to MyCity

Welcome to MyCity! We are a vibrant, multi-generational, Pentecostal Church in Tannum Sands. We believe Jesus is the hope of the world and God's Word is the absolute truth. We believe in the power of Holy Spirit and actively follow His leading in all we do. Our mission is to equip people to be the Church everywhere they go. We would love to invite you and your family along this Sunday. Whatever your background is, you’re welcome here!


Ps Anthony + Jess


24 December | Christmas Eve Services

8:30 am Service

9:30 am Food and Fun

10:30 am Service

31 December | No Sunday Services

07 January | Family Picnic | 9:00 am

Slippery Slides | Cricket | BBQ

14 January | Normal Sunday Services Resume

8:30 am Service

10:30 am Service


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